Think you know farming?
Think again.

Vertical farming involves growing food on multiple levels, in vertically stacked layers. 

Our automated growing systems are undoubtedly the future of agriculture because they enable us to utilise more of our arable land to meet the increasing demand for food. As producers, we all need to act fast to meet the needs of an ever-growing population – and vertical farms allow us to explore new and exciting ways of satisfying the market all year round whilst keeping our carbon footprint as small as we can. 

Our vision

Syan Farms aims to provide people with better quality food in a sustainable, environmentally-conscious way.

Farmable space is at a premium due to the increasing urbanisation of our countryside. Vertical farming techniques tackle this issue head-on by providing us with an efficient, space-saving and eco-friendly way of growing healthy, nutritious food.

All our crops are nurtured using our state-of-the-art Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology, which sets the temperature, light, and humidity within each stack to precision. By monitoring every aspect of the environment, we can achieve the best possible yield without using anywhere near as much water as traditional farming. We can ensure our crops are never affected by poor weather conditions or land damage allowing us to cultivate crops 365 days a year.

Our systems enable us complete traceability from seed to customer.

Our vertical farms are

Sustainably managed

We use rainwater harvesting systems and air source heat pumps to achieve ideal growing conditions, and our farms are powered using the latest innovations in solar energy.

Water efficient

Our closed loop irrigation system enables us to provide our crops with the moisture they need using only a small percentage of the water required to maintain open field farms.

Kind to the land

Vertical farms can produce more crops from the same square footage, without the use of machinery that can disrupt local ecosystems, and with no agricultural waste run-off.

Free from pesticides

Our vertical farms use industry-leading technology, giving us full control so we don’t need to use harmful chemicals within our production processes.

Supporting the food industry

Our automated growing systems enable us to produce tasty, locally grown, good-for-you foods without interruption, then supply our goods to virtually any location in the UK.

Reducing food miles

All our produce is grown domestically, all year round, meaning we do not have to rely on imported produce that is transported for thousands of miles from production to end consumer. Many of our customers have farm to fork within 12 hours

Quality food, guaranteed

The foods we produce are renowned for their incredible flavour and improved nutritional value. 

By controlling the distribution of light within our vertical farm system, and adjusting its intensity according to the unique needs of every plant, we can control how and when vital nutrients are delivered to each set of crops to optimise their growth and yield.