Better on
every level.

Sustainable, innovation and automation
– this is next-level farming.

what we do

We’re taking things in a new direction

With space and time running out for open field farming, we’re looking up. We grow beautifully nutritious crops on multiple levels – vertical farming. It saves on space, reduces carbon and gives us total control of conditions. So we can produce more nutritious, better tasting food.

it’s time for

Beautiful food. Consciously grown

how we do it

Nurtured in perfect conditions

Our Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology puts us in control of the elements: temperature, light, humidity and water. This allows us to create the ideal environment for each stack; we’re no longer at the mercy of unpredictable British weather or land conditions. It means we can cultivate tastier and more nutritious produce 365 days a year. And we can do it using much less water and land.

our people

United by our belief in better farming

Meet our founders, chefs and R&D experts. People who, united by a desire to create better food more sustainably, are changing the way we farm.


Plant-based goodness

The nutritious produce we pioneer at Syan Farms is perfect for whipping up deliciously different plant-based recipes. And that’s exactly what our sister brand, Eat Curious, is doing. They’re on a mission to change attitudes and redefine tasty for a new generation.

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